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temp-anonymous asked: Oh right, was gonna say some more stuff in depth about Head Boy. Nearly forgot. Right, loved most of it, except you missed a few chances to flesh out the characters a little, like mentioning grade level for their ages, or skin tones here and there to create a better visual image. Plus, you glossed over how horny Ken was with just a line about him talking about it. Other than that, yes, very hot, thanks a brainy bunchles.

Thanks for the critique. It’s hard sometimes with these stories in that you want to get to the ‘good parts’ quickly. And, of course, you can’t exactly rely on your usual readers for critique…

mpcato asked: Hey there, I just want to thank you for the magnificient captions you do. I see you sometimes use morphs as stock images, so I just want to tell you you are free ( and I would appreciate much) to use any of my morphs to caption. Have a nice day, Cato.

Mmm, thank you.

I haven’t consciously been using morphs — most of the images I choose come from titblogs here on tumblr or random /s/ threads. So if there are morphs that I’ve captioned, they’ve been really well done.

Anonymous asked: The only request I could make to such a wonderful vaptioner like yourself is to write an age progression caption that focuses more on the girl who is aging to retain her immature mind and explore her new body. Are you up to the challenge?

Another big-head story, this one with big fat women with big fat heads and quasi-mystical fated sexytimes. Readmore because it’s pretty long. First posted in a /d/ thread.

Heather was concentrating especially hard on her math quiz when a chunk of her long blonde hair fell off of her head onto her desk. She gasped and ran her fingers through her locks, which came away with another bundle of long golden strands. “Miss Geer, I need to go to the nurse!” The nurse took one look at her, carrying half her hair in her hands, and confirmed what Heather had already been hoping: her psychic powers were finally coming in.

The daughter of two highly talented bulb-heads herself, Heather had long been pegged as someone likely to manifest the common physical signs of psychic talent — the bloated, egg-shaped skull; the completely bald body; the pale, translucent skin. Sure enough, as the rest of Heather’s hair shed off (including, in one embarrassing clump, her entire pubic patch) her body underwent a further metamorphosis, with her already light skin taking on a distinctly papery look and her scalp softening up and expanding outward.

It was the final part — the growth of her head — that she had most been looking forward to. Heather had always loved how her parents looked, their enormous skulls the size of beachballs and housing brains capable of lifting loaded railroad cars clean off their wheels without strain and manipulating microscopic tools from across a room. They could even lift themselves, swooping and floating in the air, although out of deference to normal humans they generally refrained from doing so in public.

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Anonymous asked: I recently discovered thanks to your blog that I love size transference. I've actually experimented with a few fantasies with my partner and now that I'm hooked, I can't find any good material on it to entertain us with. Could you maybe make some more like Beach Thief and Suzie to Susan?

Thanks! I’ll certainly try and get some more transfer written — I really enjoy those stories as well.

Written for a thread on /d/. Contains, uh, a woman’s head growing to gigantic proportions. The pun at the end is pretty inexcusable.

When her hair started falling out, Mandy was somewhat alarmed. Sure, she’d been warned that the experimental nootopic drugs she was taking might have some side effects, but this was a little much! She was halfway through calling her doctor when a sensation of intense calm washed over her, and she put the phone down and went back to her bedroom.

Mandy stood in front of her mirror and ran her hands over her newly bald skull. It felt… incredible. Every inch was beautiful, she realized, and feeling her fingers brushing along the smooth expanse was breathtaking. Eagerly, she watched as her head seemed to quiver slightly and then inch taller. Carefully, she peeled off her clothes as her head continued to expand.

She could feel herself getting smarter, a dull orgasmic sensation as miles upon miles of new neural pathways were formed and reformed as her brain expanded in her skull. To anyone else, it might have appeared as if Mandy had somehow merged her head with an underinflated beach ball that was growing bigger and bigger. She already couldn’t reach the crown of her head anymore, and it seemed to be picking up steam. Frustrated, she tried to stretch her arm all the way up to stroke the very top of her bloated skull, then completely instinctively telekinetically lifted a pencil from her desk and began using the eraser end to massage the top of her head.

As soon as Mandy realized what she’d done, her vast dome was surrounded by a cloud of small objects, each one controlled by her immense mind and massaging her scalp. She groaned as her skull passed the three-foot-wide mark (something else she instinctively now ‘knew’, as surely as she found she knew where everyone else in her apartment building was standing and, more importantly, thinking subconsciously). Noticing that her head was about to bump into the ceiling, Mandy switched to floating indian-style a few inches above the floor, the vast cloud of objects gradually falling away as she switched to direct cranium stimulation using her telekinesis.

As she floated there, Mandy began to catalog precisely what she could sense about her environment. Everything within a mile, she determined, she could understand and control down to a subatomic level, with the radius of that sphere increasing linearly. Beyond that, she could sense the basic layout of matter and energy within three hundred miles, and that radius appeared to be increasing geometrically. She moaned with pleasure as she realized that within a few hours, her enormous, powerful brain would be able to sense everything on the planet!

The crown of her head was once again encroaching on the ceiling of her bedroom, which meant it was closing in on a diameter of six feet. Carefully, Mandy began testing her control over matter, vanishing first her bed in a haze of subatomic particles, then a few more pieces of furniture, then, with one powerful thrust, the entire contents of the apartment above hers, including the floor and the nasty old man who lived there, Mr. Henderson, who had always leered at her when she came home from the gym. Now she had some space to really let her brain spread out.

First, however, she turned her vast intellect toward her body, still sitting cross-legged beneath her behemoth brain. It would not do for the body of a being as impossibly powerful and perfect as herself to be as plain as hers was. With a thought, she rebuilt herself, giving her hips and breasts a powerful boost while shrinking her waist down to waspish territory. Where there had been a “pleasant” (in the words of her last boyfriend) pair of B-cups now sat a delicious pair of improbably perky DDs. Her previously average hips were now wide enough to truly be called broodmother-esque, and her skin was utterly hairless (to better match her incomparable cranium) and flawless. Idly, she began ravaging her newly-perfect pussy with a telekinetic dildo, allowing a small portion of her consciousness to be consumed with orgasmic joy.

Mandy’s skull had continued to grow during this process, and she knew that she would soon have to leave her apartment complex and reveal herself to the world, like a beautiful butterfly bursting forth from its cocoon, but she wanted to delay this for as long as possible, so that she could have as wide an area of mental control as she could — after all, she was certain that some elements of humanity would reject their obvious new queen on sight, even with her preternaturally gorgeous braincase. With a thought, she evacuated the rest of the tenants, teleporting them to a vacant lot a block away, then emptied the building of internal structures and drifted her titanic skull to the middle of the void.

"I hope you’re ready," Mandy said, her voice dripping with honey and every bit as alluring as a mythical Siren. "Because I think things are going to be a little different around here from now on."

Anonymous asked: I loved the "Hank into Helen" caption, do you have any more like that? Like male to female transformation? That'd be amazing :D

Thanks for the feedback! I don’t do many gender transformations (it’s not really an interest of mine), but that picture sort of suggested it somehow. I’ll keep that in mind for the future.

askcharliefoxtrot answered your question:

Any transformations and such you wanna do but haven’t yet? Like maybe muscle-growth, growing / shrinking, girls growing dicks?
Well, I have done some muscle growth and general growth, but not too much shrinking or futa (they’re not high on my list of personal kinks). Maybe I’ll try some of that.

mutablemimic answered your question:

I am personally a fan of the reality altering posts like “Resizing the World” and “Henry and the Swimmer.”
That kind are some of my favorites as well. I’m not sure what that says about me other than I have control issues.

lanterlunmis answered your question:

Weight gain, possibly in addition to pregnancy.
Hmmm, might be able to come up with something.

thatdumbguy answered your question:

Having pictures to accurately follow the story is good. Anything that you can do that allows sequences will be great. + more cowgirls & futa.
Well, I always want a picture that accurately matches the story — that’s the hardest part! But sequences are very difficult, because very often if someone’s made a sequence they’ve already got a narrative for that sequence and imposing my own seems weird and off-putting.